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I was sold a 4 day three night stay at a Wyndham hotel in Orlando - was supposed to be for $149 - actual cost $169. I was promised $100 for travel to Orlando for each traveler and $100 for a theme park visit.

The certificate from Wyndham was only for $75 total after listening to a 2 hour spiel.

At the same time, I also bought a second, identical package for 4 days, three nights at a first class hotel in Destin, FL, which was to be ocean front with full kitchen. The certificate from Wyndham was for a Holiday Inn Express or other 3 star hotel. I called Wyndham and they have no such hotels as I was promised.

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Okay - I fell for this too.Unfortunately I was misled on the locations.

I just called because I'm not able to utilize the package (furlough) and discovered that the locations I was promised when I bought the package + add on are actually not available to me! One of the locations was the main reason I went ahead and made the purchase only to find that I can't go there because of the state in which I reside.

I'm now looking for someone to pass this to.At least now I'm fully aware and if/when they call me again for the "sell" I'll have the knowledge and strength to ignore the well meaning pitch.


Essentially you're an ***


The getaway packages are very self explanatory, and there are three verification processes that you go through.Each detail is in writing, and if I was not given something that was promised, I would contact a legal representative.

However, each call is recorded, and therefore, there is a disclaimer that if certain gifts are not available, there will be substitutes.I believe it is a very upstanding and reputable company.


I am sorry that this happened to you,It is funny that these timeshare companies can get away with this garbage.As a travel agency owner I here of this happening way too often.

I Really here about it, from this company in particular!

My Travel agency is called GMS Vacations, and is sometimes confused with the company in question.I promise you we are not a timeshare company, And only sell true vacation packages.

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